50 Years in the Organization and Conduct of Funerals with Respect and Professionalism

We are a family business, which has been fortunate to have the trust of numerous families in its 50 and more years of operation.

Our History

Funeral Home Kyriakidis starts offering its funeral services in 1972, being the oldest funeral home in the First Cemetery of Athens, near to the city center. From then and till this day, we handle every family loss with the same respect and consistency. We specialize in funeral planning, memorial services, cremation services, transportation of human remains and funeral services in all Greece and the repatriation of human remains from abroad to Greece and from Greece to abroad.

We are a family business that have served and have been trusted by numerous families throughout these years’ course. The founder Mr. Nikolaos Kyriakidis has also been involved in the profession of funeral home from important places, such as the one of General Secretary of the Greek Funeral Offices Confederation.

The features - Values

The values that characterize us and that have enabled us to establish the operation of our funeral home in order to progress in the occupation of our second generation are the genuine interest we have to be there for you and satisfy your needs and the quality of our services. These are the basic elements which help us plan a funeral with great care, while being at your side with the proper discretion.

We would like to thank you for confidence in our work and your long-term support in our efforts. Without it we would not have been here today, trying to serve you in the best way possible to deal with this difficult time.

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