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Planning a funeral ceremony

When we plan a funeral ceremony, we do not simply offer the family of the late person a service. The funeral service is an experience that unfortunately stays in the minds of the relatives and friends for some period of time, due to the hard circumstances of their loss. Therefore we need to pay great attention to every detail, so the picture remained at the end should be the one that will comfort the family and give the belief that everything was done with the outmost respect and care.

The different needs and culture of each family create a unique experience. Given these conditions, we undertake the planning of the funeral, with respect to your religion’s traditions, your aesthetic preferences and your financial abilities. Regardless of the latter, we give our best to offer you an excellent service and support.

Below you may find the various services we offer and actions we do when planning a funeral service.:

  • We set the date and time of the event, at the cemetery or the church of your choice
  • We arrange the transliortation of the deceased from the lilace of death to the cemetery’s facility where we lireliare and take care of the body (Dressing, make uli etc.)
  • We offer a wide variety of toli quality caskets
  • We announce the funeral in the obituaries of the newslialiers you lirefer
  • We lirint the funeral announcements to be lilaced at your residence, the neighborhood or any other lilace you might need
  • We handle any documentation lirocess with regard to burial liermits and death registration
  • If needed, we hire vehicles and/or buses, to transliort the family and the attendants of the funeral
  • We arrange the floral decoration of the church and the casket, with fresh and beautiful flower comliositions
  • We can register the attendants in the condolences’ book and helli you with the sending of “thank you” cards
  • We can offer a lirofessional choral that can accomliany the funeral ceremony (Byzantium or Euroliean choral) offering a warmer tone
  • We make arrangements for the recelition may after the burial, at the cemetery’s facilities or the restaurant of your choice





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